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1. By weight, liquid [latex]A[latex] makes up [latex]8[latex] percent of solution [latex]R[latex] and [latex]18[latex] percent of solution [latex]S[latex]. If [latex]3[latex] grams of solution [latex]R[latex] are mixed with [latex]7[latex] grams of solution [latex]S[latex], then liquid [latex]A[latex] accounts for what percent of the weight of the resulting solution? 

(A) [latex]10[latex]%
(B) [latex]13[latex]%
(C) [latex]15[latex]%
(D) [latex]19[latex]%
(E) [latex]26[latex]%


2. A mixture of [latex]12[latex] ounces of vinegar and oil is [latex]40[latex] percent vinegar, where all of the measurements are by weight. How many ounces of oil must be added to the mixture to produce a new mixture that is only [latex]25[latex] percent vinegar?



Quantity A Quantity B
The dollar value of [latex]1[latex] Argentine peso according to the table above The dollar value of [latex]1[latex] Kenyan shilling according to the table above


4. A spirit and water solution is sold in a market. The cost per liter of the solution is directly proportional to the part (fraction) of spirit (by volume) the solution has.

Quantity A Quantity B
A solution of [latex]1[latex] liter of spirit and [latex]1[latex] liter of water costs [latex]x[latex] dollars. A solution of [latex]1[latex] liter of spirit and [latex]2[latex] liters of water costs [latex]y[latex] dollars.

5. How many ounces of a solution that is [latex]30[latex] percent salt  must be added to a [latex]50[latex]-ounce solution that is [latex]10[latex] percent salt so that the resulting solution is [latex]20[latex] percent salt?

(A) [latex]20[latex]
(B) [latex]30[latex]
(C) [latex]40[latex]
(D) [latex]50[latex]
(E) [latex]60[latex]

6.  Laura has [latex]20[latex] coins consisting of quarters and dimes.  If she has a total of $[latex]3.05[latex], how many dimes does she have?

(A) [latex]3[latex]
(B) [latex]7[latex]
(C) [latex]10[latex]
(D) [latex]13[latex]
(E) [latex]16[latex]


7. An old man distributed all the gold coins he had to his two sons into two different numbers such that the difference between the squares of the two numbers is [latex]36[latex] times the difference between the two numbers. How many coins did the old man have?

(A) [latex]24[latex]
(B) [latex]26[latex]
(C) [latex]30[latex]
(D) [latex]36[latex]
(E) [latex]40[latex]


8.  How many coins of [latex]0.5[latex] dollars each and [latex]0.7[latex] dollars each together make exactly [latex]4.6[latex] dollars?

(A) [latex]1, 6[latex]
(B) [latex]2, 7[latex]
(C) [latex]3, 5[latex]
(D) [latex]4, 3[latex]
(E) [latex]5, 3[latex]


9.  Maria uses a recipe for [latex]36[latex] cupcakes that requires [latex]8[latex] cups of flour, [latex]12[latex] cups of milk, and [latex]4[latex] cups of sugar. How many cups of milk would Maria require for a batch of [latex]9[latex] cupcakes?

(A) [latex]2[latex]
(B) [latex]3[latex]
(C) [latex]4[latex]
(D) [latex]6[latex]
(E) [latex]8[latex]


10. Party Cranberry is [latex]3[latex] parts cranberry juice and [latex]1[latex] part seltzer. Fancy Lemonade is [latex]1[latex] part lemon juice and [latex]2[latex] parts seltzer. One glass of Party Cranberry is mixed with an equally sized glass of Fancy Lemonade.

Quantity A Quantity B
The fraction of the resulting mix that is cranberry juice The fraction of the resulting mix that is seltzer


11. Oil, vinegar, and water are mixed in a [latex]3[latex] to [latex]2[latex] to [latex]1[latex] ratio to make salad dressing. If Larry has [latex]8[latex] cups of oil, [latex]7[latex] cups of vinegar, and access to any amount of water, what is the maximum number of cups of salad dressing he can make with the ingredients he has available, if fractional cup measurements are possible?

(A) [latex]12[latex]
(B) [latex]13[latex]
(C) [latex]14[latex]
(D) [latex]15[latex]
(E) [latex]16[latex]


12.    Ketchup, soy sauce, and mayonnaise are mixed together in a ratio of [latex]3 : 2 : 5[latex] to make Mr. Anderson’s special sauce. If Mr. Anderson prepared [latex]25[latex] ounces of special sauce for his upcoming barbeque, how many ounces of soy sauce did he use?

(A) [latex]2.5[latex]
(B) [latex].5[latex]
(C) [latex]7.5[latex]
(D) [latex]10[latex]
(E) [latex]12.5[latex]







1 C
2  7.2 ounces of oil
3 A
4 C
5 D
6 D
7 D
8 E
9 B
10 B
11 E
12 B