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The Download section of GREC has three different parts:

(1) Bring Laptop/ Pen drive to collect all from our office

From the beginning of GREC, we have stood out with our unique attr24GB-স্টাডি-ম্যাটেরিয়াল-ফ্রি-ট্রান্সফার-করে-নিনibutes of altruism. We extended this spectrum of free service by offering free loading of soft materials by visiting our branches. We started this altruistic service in September 2015. Since we are firstly a test prep company, we have to prioritize the quality of service that we are bound to our customers. For this reason, we want to provide the service such a way that it does not create any breach to our service harmony.

Please read this article:


(2) Download electronic materials right from our Download Section

If you are unable to visit our office to collect everything in your pen drive, you don’t need to worry. Please visit the link given below to download some of them. Heavier contents are not possible to share by uploading. So, please visit our office to get them.

Link to our Download Section is here.

(3) Download Different Model tests available online

We have not yet finished building this section, where links to different online model tests will be presented.