Prosenjit Ray

Faculty, Chattogram Branch, GREC


Graduate University: M.S. (Thesis) in Inorganic Chemistry (1st position), B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry, University of Chittagong (CU).

During his postgraduate study, Prosenjit Ray has conducted high-quality academic research on analytical chemistry at the ‘Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry’, CU. From that part, he published three research papers and also participated in two international conferences as an invited lecturer and an oral presenter, respectively.

With a proven leadership skill like ‘Chief Coordinator of Scientific Sub-committee’ at ‘38th Annual Conference of Bangladesh Chemical Society’ Prosenjit retains a reared volition to pursue his Ph.D. from an R-1 category university in the US.

Since August 2018, he has been teaching GRE in GREC. In his classes, Prosenjit always tries to emphasize the critical reasoning in Verbal, Quant, and AWA sections. His skills in cracking GRE strategies makes his students feel much vigorous, confident, and eager. He supports his students with proper motivation even outside classrooms.

Prosenjit was an alumnus of GREC. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to the GREC family for giving him the opportunity to stand in such a wonderful position for which he always dreamt of since the very beginning of his journey with GREC.


His student’s review is the testimony of his excellent teaching-

Mr. Prosenjit Ray is my course mentor in GREC Chattogram. As a mentor, he is a friendly, enthusiastic, and assiduous person. From the first day of my GRE course, I saw him as a devoted and sincere one to guide us effectively. I didn’t miss a single class because of him. He is well efficient both verbal and quant section. In every class, before starting schedule class he gives us some important GRE words, which helps us a lot to perceive essential words for the verbal part. The techniques or thinking of solving quant is really excellent and in verbal, he often solves all the TC, RC, and SE questions using tricks as well as discusses how and why one should eliminate the wrong answers.

In the outside of class, I got many bits of help through our facebook group and messenger, which I believe, makes GREC Chattogram an unbeatable standardized test prep company. Other than GRE, he provides us with any information regarding our queries. I got many GRE online and soft materials from him. Sometimes, he discusses the applying process, documents preparation process like SOP and LOR, when relevant.

I would like to thank him for inspiring and guiding us and wish him every success in his future endeavors. I hope he will keep continuity to help students who are ambitious for higher study.

– Muhammad Shaiful Alam, Molecular Modeling & Drug Design Laboratory, BCSIR Chittagong.

“If I have to describe my mentor, Mr. Prosenjit Ray, the first word that comes to my mind is mirthful- patience and simple. He has shown great patience to everyone in the class and answered all of our questions with sincerity and never considered any of it as a silly one. Besides this, he has shared much more valuable information related to higher studies in the USA.

One thing I must say about him is that he took the responsibility of us to concentrate on the class and encourage us all the time. In social media whenever I asked him about any GRE related problem he responded readily.

He was adroit at both verbal and quantitative sections of GRE. His way of teaching was thoroughly explicit and he provided us with elaborate techniques to make answers swiftly and time management during the exam. He regularly asked us about our progress in study and if we were facing any problem. He also effectively responded to our every query outside class. Besides, his continuous suggestion and motivation made us confident. His depth in knowledge, affable nature and, enthusiastic teaching style proves him a good mentor.

He is well informed about each and every topic regarding GRE and his friendliness made the classes more enjoyable for all of us. I would like to thank him for inspiring us and wishing him good luck in all his future endeavors.”

 – Sudipta Bhowmick (Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Port City International University)