Sk. Zubaer Zaman

Faculty, Science Lab Branch, GREC.


Graduate University: Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka.

Sk. Zubaer Zaman, completed his undergrad studies from the Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka and as currently enrolled in the MS program offered up by the said institution. After completion of his BS Honors he enrolled himself in the premium program offered by GREC and achieved a good GRE score which includes an outstanding AWA score and has been working as a GRE instructor at GREC since December 2018.

Mr. Zubaer is currently focused on his studies and wishes to pursue his Ph.D. in a top ranked university in the USA.

If anything Mr. Zubaer is punctual, to every sense of the word, always in time for classes and makes sure to keep the young aspirants interested to complete the whole course of classes. Moreover he makes sure each and every student of his, irrespective of their educational background gets to understand the methods and ways of the GRE from the very basics and fundamentals. He is always there for his students and always encourages them to knock him regarding any problems and to send their practice AWA writings to them so that he can help them improve their scores.

He says, “I was awestruck by the learning environment and the interactions amongst the students teachers and staffs, the very first day I entered GREC as a student. And till this date I think the main reason that GREC has been able to provide quality instructions to the students is owing to the work ethic and gumption of the officers, staff and the faculty members”