Md. Ashikur Rahman

Faculty,  Banani Branch,  GREC.


Graduate University: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Civil Engineering (CE), Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

Md. Ashikur Rahman, graduated from Islamic University of Technology (IUT) in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in the year 2015. Since December 2015, he has guided a lot of GRE and TOEFL candidates from different backgrounds scoring scintillating scores.

Mr. Rahman’s career goal is to become a specialist in Water Resources Engineering and work on topics like climate change and effect mitigation. He believes climate change is the major problem of this century and doing extensive research and inventing sustainable and environment friendly technologies is a must.

As a faculty of GREC, Mr. Rahman is very punctual and respectful towards institutional regulations. He always tries to provide 100% to the students and always available for giving any kind of assistance. “I like teaching at GREC because it gives you opportunity to meet new people from different institutional backgrounds and interacting with them always gives you something to learn”- he said.

Let’s see what some students say about him….

“In our first class we get to know our instructor is Mr. Ashikur Rahman Sourav who will be with us throughout our courses and guide us to ease the path our dream. He gives us the clear conception how to build strategy and prepare ourselves for the exam. In every class, he completes the whole syllabus within the time and he teaches us every section step by step. In both verbal and quant section, he gives us some technical and tricky tips and ideas how we deal with these sections, how we should think and give the answers which makes it easy for us to understand the sections and. He also instructs on time management which is a very vital part in the exam. Moreover, in every class whatever portion of verbal and quant section was given in syllabus, he always tries his best to emphasize on every topic and deliver us accordingly. He communicates with us very effectively and encourages us to ask question. I am very satisfied because his instruction and guidance has made me confident.”

-Priyanka Florina (Graduated from University of Asia Pacific, Department of Pharmacy)

“First of all, I will mention that, I am really glad getting Mr. Ashikur Rahman Sourav as our batch mentor. The way he provides his lesson is quite convenient to get in first attempt, essentially. Another fact, should be added, is his amiability makes any student to get touched with him.”

-Mahdi Hasan (Graduated from National University, Department of English Literature)