Bilkis Jahan

Deputy Managing Director (DMD), GREC.


Bilkis Jahan, Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of GREC, is among the most successful female entrepreneurs of the country. She has been with the organization from its inception. Her organizational skills and hard work have played an instrumental role in making GREC what it is today. Her dedication to the job is exemplary.

She makes the best of her efforts everyday not only for the advancement of the organization but also for the countless students who seek counselling for higher education abroad.

For many students, who have been a part of the GREC journey or have visited the offices just for the purpose of counselling, the name and face of Bilkis Jahan is synonymous to GREC itself.

Her counselling has given many a student renewed confidence in their quest for pursuing higher studies abroad and the firm assurance that whenever they face any trouble along the way they can turn to GREC for help.

Her colleagues vouch for her kind nature that helps create a healthy working ambience at the GREC.

GREC is grateful to have such honest, cordial, diligent, hard-working woman on their side.