Akibul Islam

Faculty,  Banani Branch,  GREC.


Graduate University: Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

Md.Akibul Islam, an alumni of IUT, has been working as a faculty of GREC since September 2015. Within this short span of time, he has proven himself to be one of the best instructors of GRE and TOEFL at GREC.

He is going to pursue his Master’s at this Fall’16 semester in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING at the UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO, USA with full financial assistantship. He is going there as a Teaching assistant and assigned in the Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics research group.

Akibul Islam’s research focus is computational fluid dynamics. He had a GRE score of 311 (Q 162/AWA 4) and TOEFL score of 115 (R-28, L-29, S-28, W-30). His students are continuously making scintillating scores in both GRE and TOEFL.

With his compassion for his teaching, unique teaching technique, Akibul Islam has become a valuable asset for GREC. He is also a senior faculty at GREC. Who can tell about a faculty better than his students?

“Md. Akibul Islam is not a person you will just meet and forget. He has something that will engrave a deep impression on you. I know him from my university days and he is surely someone I will remember always. I have hardly seen a person that hardworking and friendly like him. Some of his most remarkable characteristics are his capability of improvisation, adaptability and problem solving capacity. If you are in a problem, be it technical or personal, ask for his help and he will solve it for you in any way possible. It is in my firm belief that he is, indeed, an excellent team-member as well as a leader and he can perform his best in any kind of environment.”

-Md. Zubab Ibne Moid
E123, Banani
“From my point of view, a teacher is someone who will eliminate your muskiness and enlighten your potentialities to show your way. He must be friendly so that I do not hesitate to ask him anything or tell him my weaknesses in a particular topic of my course. From that point of view, Akib vaia is a perfect paradigm. He is energetic enough to enlighten one’s merit, vibrant and inspiring. His benevolence and down to earth characteristic makes him precious to the mind of students. He does not confine himself in the teaching of GRE and TOEFL only. He provides insightful information about the way ahead. I found no one in GREC does it with this sincerity. I feel humble respect for him.”

-Aklima Shanta
E78, Banani