Rofiques Salehin


Faculty, Lalmatia & Banani Branch, GREC.

Graduate University: Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.), Aeronautical Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).

Mr. Rofiques Salehin, a graduated Aerospace Engineer from MIST affiliated with Bangladesh University of Professionals, completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2014. Currently he is working as a Faculty member at GREC, exclusively for GRE and IELTS. Prior to that he worked as a Lecturer for more than a year in an Engineering School offered Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering.

He is a man with excellent academic credentials along with a handsome GRE and IELTS score. In addition to that, he has several publication in different national and international conference. His research interest includes Aerodynamics, Aerospace Propulsion and Computational Mechanics.

Mr. Salehin dreams to become a prominent researcher and work as a Professor doing research as well as teaching the students. If anyone ask him “Why teaching”? The answer comes with an innocuous smile: “Cause I love it”.