Sanower Hossain Shamim

Faculty, Lalmatia Branch, GREC.


Graduate University: Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET).

About myself:

I am very simple, friendly, fun-loving man with specific mission, vision and principles since very beginning of my life.

As a charming person, I deeply feel mentoring is a respected profession. I do not dictate answer of a question while sharing knowledge but stimulates student’s power to solve the query by themselves.

I strongly believe that to inspire students with proper guidelines is the best way to help them.

Favorite Quote:

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” —–Water Bagehot

His student’s review is the testimony of his excellent teaching-

“Initially, I thought I’m expert in both area of GRE but getting touch with Sanower Hossain I discover that I know very little about tricks and shortly method to solve any problem. He is a jolly and devoted teacher that I found and try to solve problem in easy method.”

– Aziz Khan, GRE 237

“Teaching ability in verbal and quant is very informative and logical. He can got very critical tricks easily in quant. Maintain time carefully and very helpful with students, any student can get help as personal and others after class.”

– Rofiqul, GRE 234